North of the North Pole

Greengrassi Gallery & Corvi-Mora | London 2018

Assemblage of object trouvée, drawings, paintings and objects

24 carat plated copper, iodine 53, bronze, felt, mongolian snow shoes


Is there another point of reference that we would need to perceive?

Used to work at remote areas in Mongolia, I came to research about the arctic region. Geographical landmarks have been with great importance throughout history. While we were researching for theTavan Tolgoi exhibition at greengrassi, we found only a few images of Amudsen's expedition to the north pole, one shows the tent. Some of the drawings vary this image, other are addressing the audition. We were collecting items like snow shoes, books and objects that relate to gold like computer processors, experimenting with iodine and felt. We called this assemblage North of the North Pole, to lead to the IDEA of a location rather a geographic position. In times of GPS we question for the point out of our universe, to be a reference point for what is happening right here. Value might be estimated in many ways. The artist appropriate to materials, that are useful and valuable in trerms of use but also as material itself (gold, copper, felt). If there would be something north of the north pole, it could tell us the story of mankind and humans would be the laboratory mouse from another, wider perspective. Since we are acting with intuition, we preserve a space, that would illustrate that approach.