АлтАн хүн

АлтАн хүн - Gold men
copper 24K gold-plated, 1.111KG

In recognition of Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa, the first and only Mongolian cosmonaut



Estimated Gold occurrence In MNG: 3.000 Tons
Population in MNG 2012: 2.700000 inhabitants
Gold occurrence per person in MNG: 1.11111111 Kg


Gold originates while stars explode at the end of their life in a supernova. All gold discovered on our planet has an extraterrestrial origin. Meteorite impacts created the terrestrial gold stock. Unaffected by corrosion gold was used as a symbolic bridge of sky and earth on temples. Discovery of Heaven explores the relationship of earth and sky. Though the evidence of the sky is one of the most obvious facts, only in utmost distance to the crowded cities – entering the desert – one comes to truly acknowledge the endless space.

The sky is without boundaries to stage an experimental field in public space. It is an appropriation of the almost lost human experience  of the non- teleological walk of the flâneur in the 19th century. It postulates the human diversity in the relation between ground and heaven and freedom accessible to all people. I like to examine the ambivalence of mining projects in Mongolia in relation to the distribution of the proceeds to the Mongolian people.


Greengrassi Gallery, London 2018