On the occasion of the A.I.R. Red de Residencias Artistísticas Local program by Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá and Medellin at Casa Tres Patios the artist developed a questionnaire of 11 issues, that was circulated around 25 contemporary artists of Colombia. The questions concern the personal relationship of art and politics. The answers of 9 participating artists where showcased at the museum Leopold Rother in Bogotá. Bogota/Medellin 2012.  link


Participating artists:


Alberto Baraya
Luis Camnitzer
Rauk Cristancho
Clemencia Echeverri
Yury Hernando Forero
Dora Mejia
Juan Mejía
Nadín Ospina
Victor Viviescas
questionaire | samples:

1) Please describe the political aspect in your artistic practice (if there is one)?
2) Have you ever been in personal conflict with the govt. authorities, and (if yes) did this influence your artistic work (if yes in what way)?
11) Your personal Utopia?