Spaces Galerie Kai Hilgemann | Berlin 2008

Ulaanbaatar Project

Spaces N° 2
bended wood, textile 470 x 270 cm

Mongolian Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, 2005
Galerie Kai Hilgemann Berlin 2006



The Object Spaces for Open Minds N° 2 is set up on the Suchbaatar Square in center Ulaanbaatar in August 2005. The sculpture is located in between the Mongolian Parliament House and the National Mongolian Modern Art Gallery. Together with Mongolian joiners a construction  out of 36 single wood bars and several wooden rings was built in Gachurt (20 km east from Ulaanbaatar). The wood construction is covered with a white fabric. The installation in Ulaanbaatar offers an image of a transforming nomadic culture. The sculpture symbolizes the openness of the modern Mongolian society.


With support of the following individuals and institutions:
IfA, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen - Frau Klenner, NUUDELCHIN UDAM FOUNDATION - Frau Orchimaa, Monrise Tuja und Jens Geu, Ansger Frerich - Hoerwerk, Susanna Dunke - ARCHICAD, Dieter Schütz, Nicole Zahner -studio C - Statik, Bagy production, Arts and Culture Department City of Ulaan Baatar -Mr. Tsogbadrakh Purevkhuu, Mr. Suchbaatar, Amgar, Thomas Gonschior, Kahngai , Rachelle & Kim, Mongolische Botschaft Berlin- Herr Tegshjargal, a.o.m.