Busan Biennale

Spaces for Open Minds

Busan Biennale Korea 2004
steel, 2 membranes
diameter 460 cm, height 320 cm



On the occasion of the Sea Art Festival at the Biennale in Pusan/South Korea, Berlin artist Marc Schmitz designed a walk-in sculpture that allows for a new and unusual experience of space within a lively environment. Having entered the sculpture, the visitor perceives only the light blue interior of the funnel and the sky. The structure is 3 m high. It consists of a steel frame of hollow sections on which a light blue interior membrane and a red exterior membrane are stretched. The membranes are fixed with a lacing. The interior diameter of the sculpture varies between 0.8 and 4.6 m.


Services by Werner Sobek:
object planing and structural engineering