Bronze, destroyed, about 50 objects 17-19 centrury
span belts
Ding Shun Museum, Fujian, China


This collection consists of historical Mongolian bronze, of different centuries that have been destroyed in the early 20th century by the Russian army, while taking over the government in outer Mongolia.

The objects present the harm of aggressive demolition. Some items are just deformed by strokes, some other seem to be sieved by bullet howls. The artist was questioning how he could present this violence in a respectful but as well authentic manner.

As we face a global situation of conflicts, that origin is grounded in the lac of tolerance; these issues are not just locally condensed in Palmyra for example, and not only limited in the 20th century. The artist wish is to not present the objects in vitrines, but to show, that they are still not liberated. To express this, he uses regular span-belts to fix them on the walls. Each single statuette would demand an enormous effort for restoration.