Bangkok Art Biennale


500 x 240 cm /wood
Bangkok Art Bennale 2018
BACC Plaza, Bangkok


When social comes to real life it starts with a double sided open interchange; a confabulation or sourceless rhizome of the stories that are passing us and that have attached the quiet internal voices to swing. This ongoing open process, that has build us since our origin involves all our stories, it builds the tensions and gateways of our personal being. In these days of global traffic we might rather prefer to rest in private then public. However privacy has become precarious and while we turn public addressing our questions, the forgotten queries return therein. Territory has become contested since migration has brought its value on the table again. Shelter offers a spatial point of encounter within a lively environment. Within the urbanized environment, the artwork looks for an acceptance by the people but also allows to claim a space for anybody. Either for producing sound or listening, to explore the interior or hide from the outside and rest, it mainly questions the membrane line between inner and outer space.